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Globe Data Data Center

We provide data center services, particulary

  • VPN,
  • VPS,
  • Rackhosting,
  • Serverhousing a
  • Serverhosting.

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Data center is connected to internet by two optical lines, all inputs are backed up by UPS even by generator, center is perfectly secured and mainly, services are built on guarantee of customer´s 100% legal certainty, not on the interests of the state apparatus. Even cooling is full redundant in 1+1 mode (not just N+1).

The data center was put into operation just in the end of 2022 and the services are focused individually on the customer's needs, you do not have to meet the requirements of our system directly. This is the advantage of a small data center.

In today's globalized world, where each of us is being watched in an increasingly unbearable way, we insist that our customers and services, which they use, have been affected by this unfortunate phenomenon only to the extent necessary for the safety of operations (impossibility of misuse of access, etc.).

We will not archive access logs or provide any such information to anyone. We have a contract with you - our customer, and within the terms of the contract it always is and will be that we do not collect data about you beyond what is necessary for billing services and we will never issue any of your data to authorized authorities.

You know, today we have the obligation to withhold your data on the basis of a call from an ordinary police officer, and we MUST NOT let you know. We can release this data only after a request from a court or public prosecutor and again without your knowledge, however, this new situation in our legal system is solved by us to the satisfaction of the customer so that we have access to your data only in encrypted form and only YOU can decrypt them. We will comply with the law by eventually freezing the data and issuing it as described above, but data are for the authorities completely useless, it is up to you whether you accidentally lose the password to decrypt.

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