Data Center

Globe Data Data Center

The data center is located in Jindřichův Hradec and was put into operation in the end of 2022 and the services are focused individually on the customer's needs, you do not have to directly meet the requirements of our system. This is the advantage of a small data center. Globe Data occupies the majority of the 662 data center, which is why we can offer customers unbeatable prices and services.

The address of the data center is Pravdova 662, Jindřichův Hradec, 377 01, Czech Republic, access to the premises for customers (ie rack hosting and server housing) is provided 24/7 using access chips with confirmation of the web application. Access to spaces reserved for shared services (VPS, VPN, etc.) is not allowed but is not required, thus ensuring greater security.

The data center is divided into 5 rooms, while 3 are accessible to customers. You have access to halls A, B, C directly through two entrances from the street. From the street, the reconstruction of which we used in 2019, there are also two optical lines, Vodafone and Cetin. The power supply is realized from a sufficiently dimensioned transformer station about 70 meters from the building, it is backed up by a UPS with an external battery field and insured against a longer outage by a generator with ATS. Cooling is provided by air conditioning units in 1 + 1 redundancy, whose load and alternation technology is controlled by a central system based on the temperatures in the cabinets and the temperatures in the aisles at the top and bottom.

Part of our services is the so-called "insurance against the intervention of authorities". We try not to solve the legal problem by some "orders" of the authorities without the customer's knowledge, to which, unfortunately, in today's legal environment, the authorities have the right. Of course, if we receive a "do this or that" court order, we will do it, but it is more important for the customer that the fulfillment of any order will not lead to your eventually targeted liquidation. We prefer when the authorities resolve a possible situation with securing evidence or illegal content directly with you, and this is exactly what our conditions and the "insurance" lead to.

How does it work?

  1. As part of housing and hosting services, the services are completely anonymized, which means that our employees have no idea that the C8-U12 or C9-H are your person or company. The internal system does not allow anyone to look at this relationship - the device / customer. The system always communicates only with the anonymous tenant of the C8-U12 device. However, the system itself can read when and what to invoice within invoicing.

  2. Within shared services - ie VPS services, server hosting, etc. of course we are always the owner of the devices, so there is a possibility in the process that we will be asked to intercept and possibly release data, then we obey here, but the data are encrypted and only the customer has the decryption key.

  3. Within the shared services that we provide on our resources, including data storage, it is similar and data can be issued on the basis of a legal request without your knowledge, but again only in encrypted form, where to decrypt it is necessary to use a customer password, for us unknown.

If it seems to someone that we are trying to help a crime, then it is certainly not our effort. We call this legal protection - when you have your data placed at home, you will also be more legally protected than if you put it in a center, and we try to achieve the same legal protection for the customer as if he had the data with him "at home". It will not happen to you at home that the police will ask you to freeze your own data without your knowledge, at home the court will not ask you to release data without your knowledge too. So why should it work elsewhere? So we say in advance, we will comply with all the law, but in the data from us, no authorities and other bodies cannot read at all!