Globe Data´s offered services

Rackhosting VPS VPN Serverhosting Serverhousing

Particular services we add gradually and some we solve as completely individual (such as Rackhosting) and some are fully automated from the moment you place your order (such as a VPN service).

In addition to what has been stated on the home page and the [Data Center](/ datacenter /) page, it should be mentioned here that the services are under the constant supervision of both the systems and the staff of the Data Center.

Technical support is available in 8/5 mode (see Contacts), physical access to the center, if you have set it up for the service, is 24/7.

Billing of services always takes place in advance for the selected period. For services where the consumed energy is charged, the electricity is charged according to your chosen variant - in advance by a deposit with subsequent billing or backwards (the price of electricity is announced for the year ahead and the forward billing model has a preferential price).

At least 1 IP address (IPv4) is always counted for each service.